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Build a Runner in 15 Minutes

All it takes is 15 minutes to build this endless runner.  Check it out!


All it takes is 15 minutes to build this endless runner.  Check it out!

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  1. really simple to understand,

    great job

  2. basic set up

    I loved how basic this was. I’ll be checking out the other tutorials to be learning more.

  3. Really useful.

    Great overview of the basics needed for this type of game.

  4. Fantastic, really good and simple explained:)

  5. Brilliant:)

    Thank you so much for this, its a fantastic guide on how to make a simple game that anyone new to Game Salad or game making software in general can understand.

  6. 15 minutes well spent

    Does a great job of walking you through building a basic but functional game. Very easy to understand.

  7. quick

    simple and straight to the point!

  8. Short and easy

    Nice tutorial, thank you!

  9. build runner game like subway its so nice

    i like this turtial

  10. NICE!!!


  11. Amaing Explanitory Video

    Title says it all.

  12. Thanks!

    This was really simple and gave all the info on how to make a runner it helped me out a lot now i can show my friends i made somewhat of a videogame! thanks!

  13. good

    very simple and easy to start with

  14. Great tutorial

    I liked the tutorial, however it would be nice to have an asset pack without the finished game inside so I can create along side the video.

  15. Good tutorial

    Good and easy to understand tutorial. I was left to wonder how you make the point counter to stay with the player actor when he moves.

  16. Awesome

    Love the video however I would love to see the windows version but I was able to follow just fine. Just being picky 🙂

    But really great vid!!!!

  17. Excellent Tutorial

    This tutorial was so good for understanding the Basic of Jumping. Thank You 🙂

  18. pretty awsome

    This gave me a lot of ideas

  19. I wish I had a Mac

    It was slightly confusing, as I do not have a Mac, and there was no option for PC. After getting a little help on some of my learning curve, in all it was a great tutorial. Thank you.
    Also, are Macs preferred in the industry?

  20. Learned a lot in 15 minutes

    Great tutorial to get you up and running with an endless runner game.

  21. Great demo, just a little fast

    As long as you make use of the pause button, you won’t miss anything when you are creating your level side by side.

    Also note: the courseware that comes with this is already complete. I deleted the code to do it from scratch. Code is on the player actor & gold actor

  22. Great

    Easy to understand and great basic functions. Cheers!

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