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  1. Needs more engagement.


    I could not even get half-way through the first video. The speaker is monotone and does not use visual engagement. Showing examples of what you are talking about would work wonders.

  2. Great information, just a bit hard to follow


    First let me say thank you for the work you put into this tutorial. It really helped me a lot as a beginner. However, there are a couple issues I’d like to highlight that hopefully when addressed will make your next tutorials even better!

    At times the tutorial became overly descriptive and could have used simpler verbal instructions, coupled with adequate visual examples to follow along. I think that will help with time management also. I personally have a very short attention span, so I learn and retain information easier in smaller bites. 20 minute lessons were a bit hard to swallow. If you could get them to the 5-10 minute range, with more focused and concise material, I think it will help the average Joe like me to get more out of it 🙂

    Great job though, and thank you again for your effort! I look forward to more lessons from you! 🙂

  3. Provides good intro to the game physics in GameSalad.
    Would be improved with short examples to demonstrate each point, much like the introduction course.

  4. very good and able to understand everything thanks alot you are the guru

  5. Content was good. All screen shots were blurry no matter what size I made the window and regardless of full-screen setting. Makes it hard to read what is actually happening. But the explanations were good and I was able to follow along well enough.

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