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Your First Game (Windows)

Create your first game with Windows Creator in about an hour with this course.


This is a course for Windows Creator.
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293 ratings
  • 5 stars232
  • 4 stars46
  • 3 stars8
  • 2 stars1
  • 1 stars6
  1. Great Course!

    Really help me get my bearings round the program.

  2. Good, But not complete

    The course was helpful, but it ends with and unfinished game and an instructor telling you, “Ok next we are going to…”

  3. Amazing

    Best Session Ever
    Really Helps to get your head around the Program and is Ideal to start app development.

  4. Very Helpful

    Very Helpful Course, would recommend it to any newbies like myself haha !!

  5. Special thanks

    Thank you game salad, and thank you Lawrence from goodnight games :))

  6. much thanks

    session was very helpful in basic introduction to game salad thanks..!!

  7. Very insightful.

    Instructor made mistakes which was very helpful to learn how to fix those mistakes. Made the tutorial easy enough for anyone to understand the basics.

  8. Good. . .But. . .

    This course needs WAY more content and a pack of the assets would be nice so people can really follow through.

  9. Great Introduction

    Very enjoyable newbies guide to getting started. Made me feel great at the end when I had a functioning (albeit very simple) game πŸ™‚

  10. Great Intro To The Game Salad Software

    I enjoyed learning about the basics of the software with this tutorial. The instructions were very clear, and easy to follow along. Now I feel more confident looking at the other components in the behaviors menu to see how I can make something from scratch and hopefully have it published. It contains good advice, and shortcuts to change sounds and reset scenes. Usually I get bogged down trying to find assets for every little sound effect in games, which can take a whole day. Now my time searching will be greatly reduced with a shift of pitch! Thanks for put this this together.

  11. Your First Game Tutorial: Perfect!

    This is such a good tutorial for newcomers like many of us. It is a perfect walkthrough that explains things greatly.

  12. Nice starting material

    Congrats, it is very usefull for a first contact moment!

  13. I like it.

    It was Short, Sweet and Direct. It doesn’t bombard you with too much information but it does go over everything on the need to know basis which is quite good for a game creator. Thank you.

  14. Excellent - with several hiccups

    This course was very helpful for me in getting started with GameSalad. I really appreciate the time the author put into it!

    Here are several things that could have been mentioned.

    1) At first, I thought my keyboard commands were not working to control the actor. After trying many things, I finally realized that you have to click in the game area for key presses to register.

    2) At the end of the course, there are still several problems with the game logic. When the player dies, the Change Level Portal does not go away, so it stays visible. Also, the gem count doesn’t reset. This may have been by design, but personally I feel that if the player dies they should be required to pick up the gems again before heading to the next level. It took me a while, but I eventually figured out a way to have the portal disappear when the player dies. I added a rule to the portal that says “if Gem Count is <=2, then destroy this actor". Changing the gem count attribute to 0 when the player dies is easy.

    I really appreciate this course, especially the sounds and graphics provided that made it easy and fun to create a beginner game.

    Thanks again!

  15. Gooed tutorial!

    Helped me a lot! Thanks

  16. Awesome Course

    Very well done course. Extremely helpful to a noob game developer.

  17. best walkthrough

    Really well thought out. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

  18. Good Tutorial

    Lawrence did an excellent job running through this tutorial. Even when he “made mistakes” they were turned into great learning experiences. Good Work.

  19. thanks

    amazing job, really simple and powerful

  20. Best tutorial video.

    Great great great video. PEEERRFFEEEECCCTTT!!!! 1000% recommend. Lawrence is a GREAT instrucor.

  21. Nice

    Nice and simple. You can make a game already with what you have learned in this course.

  22. Great clean and simply to the point

    Much thank you to the instructor, I was able to learn a lot from observing you.

  23. First Game Review

    Clear, simple, and learn a lot very fast.

  24. perfect

    Perfect in everything…….

  25. nice and sweet

    great for beginers like me

  26. Great

    Well worth the watch when first starting out.

  27. Just a thought..

    I’d like to think computers are, rather than being said ‘stupid’, they are loyal.

  28. awsome

    Easy to understand and no problem’s at all.

  29. Great way to learn GameSalad!

    Loved this! What a great way to learn hands on how to use GameSalad!

  30. Easy, and simple!

    Very good for first timers and easy to go back and review on anything you need help on or if there is something you’ve missed!

  31. Easy, and simple!

    Very good for first timers and easy to go back and review on anything you need help on or if there is something you’ve missed!

  32. Easy and simple

    Very well made and very thorough to where even a beginner such as I could make a basic game! Thanks!

  33. Great Job, but....

    You guys should’ve mentioned something about resetting the gem counter after player death….other than that, Perfect..

  34. Good Start.

    Good learning start

  35. Problem at Part 3 - Winning and Loosing!

    The Spawn Actor function doesn’t seem to work. I followed each and every step as you showed but can’t make the change level portal pop-up/spawn on collecting more than 2 gems! Help me solve this issue otherwise great work. I appreciate your efforts of teaching us.

  36. Nice and Wonderful

    Simple Nice and Wonderful. Game Salad is always good for simple games. But I want to know if can I make a game like Pet Pat and more deeper games using game salad. I doubt the depth of the software and the complexity it can deliver.

  37. Some bugs like gems dont zero when ufo dies and next lvl is same… but its okay i guess

  38. Excellent Tutorials

    GameSalad is amazing and awesome for game developing …:)

  39. Good Basic Tutorial

    It does however point out the limits of Game Salad

  40. Your First Game(Windows)

    Very good introduction to GameSalad
    I run into quite a few issues however but got plenty of help from the experts

  41. Sky dolphin

    My game is about collecting pizza and getting upgrades

  42. great course especially for non experience person of coding, thanks

  43. taught me lots of basics for making my first game. very helpful.

  44. Great Course

    Really great course I thought it would be so much harder but you really broke it down for people that have never done this before great course.

  45. Very Helpful

    This course was great help to me! Now i am inspired to create great games! Thank you

  46. WHY???

    Stupid pitch doesnt work 1/8 I h8 this m8

  47. Awesome

    This Course helped me a lot to learn the basics.

  48. Great introduction

    New to this and it helped greatly, thank ya.

  49. Great impressions

    I got some great imressions working with GameSalad in this tutorial. Tutorial is easy to understand and doesn’t dive in too deep. Just the thing you need when starting from scratch. πŸ™‚

  50. Very helpful

    For a guy that knows nothing about coding at all, this tutorial has been a great help to understand the basics.
    1 hour of my life that i’m happy to spend.
    Thank you.

  51. Awesome!

    Their was a step missed to explain. I dont know if I was the Only one but, It was the Second to last video. It didnt explain to reset the count after player collide with Lava then explosion would show for player after getting a gem or 2. So for mine After I collected all Gems then Collide with Lava. The Count didnt Reset. I figured it out on my own. Just putting that out there. Everything else was Really Awesome. Thanks For the Video!!!!!!

  52. A fantastic way to start using gamesalad!

    I love this course! It’s a good way to start using gamesalad. Thanks a lot!

  53. Thank You

    Thank you now i understand the basics of game creating!

  54. Very good, thank you.

    Thank you, you helped me alot


    It is an amazing software and fun to create games with!

  56. Nice Tutorial

    Very helpful πŸ™‚

  57. Game Course

    Great examples in this lesson. It really helped me with my problem of going from level to level. Looking forward to more tutorials in the future.

  58. Fantastic!

    i have never thought i would be interested of making games, but this first course just made me wanna do it right away. Clearly explained, right to the point and answered all my basic questions. GameSalad you did it!

  59. First Tutorial Review

    Very easy to understand, well taught. Really teaches you the basics of this software.

  60. Amazing!

    finally i found the software am looking for!

  61. Very good, thank you.
    Thank you, you helped me alot

  62. Very good, thank you. !!!!!!

    Very good, thank you. !!!!!!
    Thank you, you helped me alot…..jetz ich muss etwas machen πŸ˜‰

  63. awsome

    I feel like I really do have the resources and help to make my own apps. thanks

  64. Less scary now

    This helped me see the basics of game developing, and it made me a lot less scared about making games. This is a very good course on how to make games. There is a lot of info. to take in, so pay attention and look back at times it you need to.

  65. Excellent!

    It gave me a good understanding of all the basic components in GameSalad! I am excited to try it out officially!

  66. Everythig Worked!

    Looks like its worth the money.

  67. Great Basics

    Lawrence gives a nice run through for anyone starting out. Best of all, he makes a few mistakes and proceeds to fix them, showing that things don’t always go right, but more importantly, if something isn’t going right, its because you didn’t tell the computer in a coherent way how to achieve the goal you had in mind. Thanks Lawrence.

  68. A good way to begin using gamesalad

  69. Awesome tutorial, but...

    Amazing tutorial for beginners, however, I experienced a problem. As soon as I picked up a gem, the game Music stopped playng, and I didn’t have the option to Select/unselect “Play to end” or whatever it said. Maybe I’m using the wrong file format?

    Thanks for the tutorial thought, it was great! πŸ˜€


  70. nice!

    For a complete beginner, I feel like I’m on the verge of something great!

  71. It was amazing

    I would say that is definitely worth your time and this guy he has a tone of voice that just doesn’t seem to get boring

  72. Excellent!!

    Brilliant and most helpful. Thank you.

  73. thanks a lot

    …aw… i can make games!!! ‘:)

  74. Great explanation but a bit background noise

    You did a great job with the explanation, and also not going too quick. But sometimes it was hard to hear what you said, because of the background noise. But very good tutorial πŸ™‚

  75. Some minor errors but overall a very good start to learning how to use GameSalad.

  76. Really cool. Definitely helped me get off the ground quickly. Great intro.

  77. Excellent Intro

    I much prefer this tutorial than to others I’ve taken for Game Salad. This time I really feel like I’ve learned something tangible I can use while I followed along with the tutorial in Game Salad. Very nicely done!

  78. Very concise and helpful. Perfect starting point for beginners

  79. Very Helpful

    Many thanks for the tutorial, extremely helpful in getting to know the basics of Game Salad.
    As with all of these tutorials it always feels like you need to run through them a few times until those basic steps become second nature.

  80. Thanks for the intro!


  81. Really Helpful Tutorial for Beginners!

    Really cool program and shows just how robust it can be!

  82. Very easy to follow

    Thanks for this great tutorial!

  83. Great beginning tutorial

    Thank you

  84. Excellent

    First time ever using GS today, and this tutorial has helped so much to help me grasp the basics!

  85. it cant open

    please this tutorial cant play for this reason: [responsive_youtube EPHvUEHrqGU] if anyone can help me i will appreciate it

  86. Excellent tutorial! Very comprehensible. I can’t wait to start working on some games. Thank You so much for your help!

  87. Perfect for a total amateur like myself.

    I know nothing about making computer games. This was perfect. I was amused when he kept saying how we wanted certain things to “fire first” and I was taken back to my days of playing Magic The Gathering when abilities would trigger or “fire first”. Good times.

    This course was exciting to go through. Thank you!

  88. Game salad

    Excellent introduction to game salad

  89. Excellent tutorial, good pace & explanation.

  90. Nice job!

    Pretty much everything I’d want in a beginners tutorial like this

  91. first great

    its great now I know, how do this

  92. Very detailed and accurate. Very well done!

  93. Really helps

    I would have been completely lost if it wasn’t for this course. Really helpful!!

  94. It was really helpful but at times a bit hard to follow.

  95. Great

    This course was easy to follow for a beginner and helped me to understand the program in a short period of time

  96. NIce Start to GameSalad programming and logic

    As an instructor for new students (Middle school) and Gamesalad programming/logic, this is a great start for beginners.

  97. short easy constrictive !

    covering wide range of simple things, making a small game from A to Z in less than an hour.
    very recommended for beginners.

  98. Great

    Solid information, very easy to understand.

  99. Very good.

    it was great beginning for me. Thank you.

  100. Buggy Software...

    Was working fine and suddenly any changes I made just didn’t work. I turned off rules (e.g. player death) but it kept doing the same thing and ignoring my changes.
    Would appreciate a reply and I’m hoping I have done something wrong to stop any changes happening. I’ve purchased the pro version but can’t make games if bugs happen during a tutorial, let alone during my creations.

  101. Very Nice

    I like the way that this course is presented. Maybe I missed something, but the counter didn’t reset upon death after gem grab. However, there was enough information given to be able to figure it out on my own. I really like this program. For beginners it is awesome.

  102. LOVE THIS

    This is better than most tutorials when it comes to making games cause in other sites they are just boring and this actually has proof of the people actually messing up instead of sounding as if they did it in one go with no mistakes.

  103. Easy and Helpful

    So easy and helpful , I like it Thanks πŸ™‚

  104. Amazing

    I love this it is perfect now I can create funny ballerina werewolf games!

  105. Good induction to GS

    Although the microphone quality is bad the instruction is on point.

  106. Can't wait to create my first Game with GS

    Great Great Tutorial. Well done.

  107. Very Informative

    You don’t create much of a game in this tutorial but it teaches you the valuable basics of how to use the software. I feel very comfortable using GameSalad now.

  108. hummm..... i like

    it was good but needs more step by step bullets of
    info so the sentences can be more clear.

  109. This was a clearly presented, informative tutorial. Thanks!

  110. Good

    Does a good job covering the basics of what designers want in a video game. Also includes common mistakes users might make when using the software, which could prevent a lot of headache down the road.

  111. Simple and usefull

    Tutorials is awesome. Its easy to understand and I think that its great start for someone who whats to make video games!

  112. Excellent

    Explains everything in a very simple and decent way

  113. Perfect to start

    Thank you for teach how to start doing games. This tutorial is absolutly perfect.

  114. Great

    I loved the course! He gave a complete walk through and explained a lot of things I didn’t understand and it was pretty helpful.

  115. Amazing Tutorial!

    Extremely helpful tutorial. It allowed me to get the feel for many functions of the software. This tutorial is fun, creative, and interactive. I highly recommend anyone to check it out.

  116. Learned what I need to for the basic of getting a game started.

    I though this tutorial was very well construed, I learned everything I need to, to start the basic’s of game designing. I cant wait to see what other tutorials have in store for me!

  117. great tutorial help a lot thnx

  118. Really Helpful for Me!

    Thank You so much for your help! Now I can’t wait to do my first game! πŸ˜‰

  119. A+

    This thing was neatly done and the explainations for things are logically explained in way that’s easily understandable for most.

    Thanks, I’ll create something.

  120. Its great!

    Excellent! However not many parts.

  121. Excellent Introduction

    Short, Simple, and covers the basics on how to use the program. Two thumbs up!

  122. Thank You!

    This was awesome for a digital immigrant. As a kinesthetic learner it usually harder to just sit and learn. I really appreciated how all aspects were broken up and even the voice kept attention.
    Nice job!

  123. Great Course!

    It was fast paced, but I never felt lost.

  124. Very Good

    Excellent tutorial for an absolute beginner like myself

  125. Excellent Beginner Tutorial

    Great tutorial for learning the basics of creating games.

  126. Great

    Good job, got me off my feet, wish me luck!

  127. Fantastic

    Make you want to make games all day πŸ™‚

  128. Great Course, but 1 Problem

    This was a great course that taught us a lot about how to start making games in GameSalad. The only problem was that it did not include instructions for how to reset the counter if the Player died. Fortunately though, we were able to figure this out due to the other instructions we received in the course. Thx!

  129. Shows off gamesalad

    Good introduction to gameSalad

  130. Game Salad

    it is so fun to be on the end

  131. Nice introduction to GS!

    Thanks for the tutorial, helped me get to grips with the basics of GS. Only flaw I could find was that the gem count does not reset when the player dies and it resets scene? Will have to have a look into it – thanks anyway!

  132. Brilliant

    Helps speed up the learning process πŸ™‚

  133. A must for beginners

    It is a great starter’s guide to the basics of Gamesalad. I would definitely recommend this to newcomers.

  134. Perfect

    Perfect introductory course to Gamesalad. Thanks so much. It is good to know that even the pros make minor errors at times.

  135. Great thanks

    Easy, well explained introduction to GameSalad πŸ™‚

  136. Great Tutorial!

    This was so informative and got me hooked into making games!

  137. Good Tutorial! Easy engine, easy to learn fast!

    Very nice i like it

  138. Excellent course

    very well done and useful

  139. great tutorial.

    the score won’t set to 0 after died, but still a great tutorial.

  140. Absolutely Great Video for PC Beginners Using GS

    Clear and understandable instructions. Cool little game when you’re done.

  141. Very nice start! Many possibilities lay before me now!

  142. perfect instructions

    very clear explanations.
    step by step instrucions are easy to follow.

  143. Helpfull

    It helped me out a lot

  144. This is GREAT!!! I can make games now thanks to you!!

  145. Easy to learn

    A great video that teaches very basic and necessary fundamentals to have within any type of game.

  146. very good guys

    i hopeyou make tutorial game rpg…please

  147. Great

    Good beginner tutorial! But the assets folder comes with an enemy image and it wasn’t coverd in the lesson.

  148. Thanks but little confusing

    I loved it and thanks, but with so much on making/creating a game, its a little confusing.

  149. Mind Blown!!

    Now only if I were an artist…..

  150. By the end I was yelling your errors out as you made them…. which means you taught me well. Maybe how to fix common errors in the next version? Like that horrible border?

  151. Great beginners course

    Great course
    Not to long nice sweet and short

  152. A great tutorial

    Great job. The tutorial was very helpful!

  153. Friendly and clear class

    Easy to understand

  154. Great!

    the course are really helpful, thank you!

  155. amazzzzzzzzzzing

    this was amazing

  156. It got me started!

    I got the basic things … Now I just need to get the rest also πŸ™‚

  157. pretty helpful

    highly recommend for newcomers

  158. Great Beginner Tutorial

    Simple, easy to follow, and covered all the basics you need to know to get started.

  159. Very Helpful

    From these five videos, I got the “foundation” of game making down. Lawrence explains each concept in his videos in detail that I can understand.

  160. Great "Starting of" tutorial.

    This was a very in depth tutorial, I liked how there were mistake and you showed us how to correct them.
    After this tutorial I feel I still have a ways to go in learning how to use this program, but I feel I have learned a lot in a small space of time.

    Thanks for the great tutorial, I hope to see more like it.

  161. Excellent

    Excellent course to begin using GameSalad, looking forward for the next courses πŸ™‚

  162. Awesome

    An awesome tutorial to start

  163. Amazing

    Tell you what this site and this course are absolutely amazing i give it a 10/5 stars if anyone ever asks me about it

  164. nice tutorial

    short and sweet, covered the basics πŸ™‚

  165. Starting

    Thank you pretty good and easy)

  166. Awsome

    This course taught me al ot thank you very much for making everything easy to comprehend!

  167. pretty good

    i like the part about reusing sounds. I found a bug though that i fixed pretty easy. He never killed himself after gaining one, two, or three gems. If you do the counter doesnt reset. So I put a change attribute under the kill player method to just set the score to 0 again.

  168. Very Good place to start

    If you have no idea where to begin, this is a very good place to get your feet wet. The game by the end of it sucks, but the concepts that you take away are what matters. It also is a good little confidence boost.

  169. Really Helpful! In just a few Minutes i was making my “Player” Move around. Strongly enjoyable and easy to learn. I wish to get a Tutorial where explain every Behaviors. Thanks!

  170. Troy's Revew

    thanks for the hour long cours

  171. Step by step

    Idiot proof guide, which is lucky, because I felt like an idiot the moment I looked at the project window. Feeling much smarter now!

  172. Very Easy to understand

    It did not take long to know what was being instructed. There were many examples of problems solving, and displayed easy steps.
    What a relief.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  173. really helpful

    Exactly what I needed to get started.

  174. Solid Tutorial

    Very clear and easy to follow only problem was that it was difficult to find all the pictures and sounds, as an improvement if you could add a file with a selection of images and wav files it would be appreciated. Thank you.

  175. for those who starts their career in games

    very easy to make games by using game salad. i really like this software. And if you are a beginner then you should use this game salad software.

  176. NIce explanation

    Not to slow not to fast. Fits my style of learning perfect ! Thank you.

  177. Great course.

    Very great walk through. Superb teaching. Enjoyed it tremendously.

  178. Good.

    Easy to understand and to the point.
    Unfortunatley not what I was looking for, as it didn’t coverhe basic of the type of game I want to create, but good none the less.

  179. Good Tutorial, Okay Engine

    I’m not a huge fan of Gamesalad Engine but the tutorial was very informative.

  180. Good Tutorial

    He didn’t show how to reset the score after the player dies, but I figured out and it isn’t hard.

  181. Nice intro

    Good tips and good job explaining things. I would be aware of your audience however. Most of us are probably beginners. Slow down in your presentation. Also, if something doesn’t work right, that’s fine as long as you explain in more detail why the error occurred. There was a couple of times where something didn’t work as planned and you didn’t really go into why. Great job otherwise.

  182. Great jumping off point!

    A great tutorial for just starting out with Game Salad!

  183. I'm so excited!!!

    Great advice for making games mixed in with a great tutorial on how to use the software.

  184. Great Introduction to GameSalad

    Excellent! A nice intro to the product. Very basic, but gave me a good idea of what I think it will be like to use GameSalad.


    This tutorial has helped me very much now I can make a splendid game just like you!!!!

  186. Very Usefull

    You will learn how to very basics. And, programming without tutorial is hard. Cool!

  187. Awesome!

    Simple to do, repeat & understand.
    Thank you very much for this course.

  188. Amazing!

    I really helped me out! Looks complex but kind of simple.

  189. Ojala lo tengan en espaΓ±ol :c

    Seria mas comodo trabajoar en otro idioma πŸ™‚ , de aahi todo esta bien πŸ™‚

  190. Super me and my son had great time doing this

  191. easy enough

    Fun short easy not too complex but enough too seem hard

  192. Nice demo

    Great instructor. Easy to get a hang of the major concepts.


  193. Good

    Great tutorial, wish there was an option to enlarge, but not fullscreen the video. The small window made it hard to see what he was doing without fullscreening it and having to switch between gamesalad, and my browser.

  194. Clear and On Point

    Not only does he explain what do do, he also explains what *not* to do, and some alternative methods to have the same/more streamlined effect.

  195. Nice Beginning tutorial

    Thank you. Very helpful.

  196. Gets you Started

    Covers the basics pretty well…

  197. My first game!!!

    Excellent course, Started speeding up a little at the end for me, I had to pause and rewatch it quite a few times to understand what was going on but I was able to complete my first game which is awesome! Thanks so much!

  198. Great Starter Course

    Brilliant help and very easy to understand for beginners

  199. whats the problem

    I cant get in the course I am getting the reason that for temporarily the site is down or it has move to another page is the problem with the computer or with the site or with gamesalad ?

  200. HOlly cow! So good!!

    i have no money but it is good

  201. awesome

    this game engine is great for the game I’m making

  202. awesome

    this teaches you how to cod

  203. Great way to learn

    Really fun and basic. Easy to pick up

  204. Good Job!

    Thank you very much! I learned a lot. kudos!

  205. Great Course.

    This Course shows you all the main features about GameSalad.

    Thanks for the instructions.

  206. Making Games Tutorial on GameSalad

    I had just made my first game in a few minutes. Thanks to this tutorial, I can now start to make my own 2D games using GameSalad. It was pretty helpful to me, and I would like to thank you guys for giving me this opportunity to see this tutorial. It was a great starter’s guide for me to use!

  207. Very Helpful

    He does an excellent job of both explaining the system and how to make enjoyable game mechanics in an easy to understand way.

  208. Amazing Course and very easy to understand

    This course basicsly teach how to make games with GameSalad in a simple way

  209. Nice Intro

    A great ramp up to playing around

  210. Good Tutuorial

    Well explained, definitely knows what he is talking about, and explains everything well. Helped a lot on how to use everything.

  211. Great starting point!

    Thank you great place to start to learn GameSalad.!

  212. Gaming 101

    nice easy intro to very basic game design and a nice refresher for anyone change from an old software

  213. video need to zoom in,can not see clearly

    sound is clear yet the video can not be seen clearly,it is too small to see

  214. Nice Intro

    Really good info, but the pace was a bit slow, so I watched at 1.5 speed πŸ™‚

  215. Pretty good Tutorial

    It shows you the basics of the programm, and how the interface works…
    The kind how he explains is good and the quality of his mic. is ok.
    You are learning ho to create (not code) a basic game, which is pretty cool in my opinion.

  216. Awesome !!! Liked it !!!

    So many attribute covered makes you love the software………

  217. it was okay

    this course was very informative and easy to understand but it lost my attention at certain points

  218. It's a good tutorial

    This tutorial is great and Is learnig the basics of GameSalad!

  219. Easy

    This was a straight forward tutorial and it helped get the basics down

  220. Great first game!

    What a great tutorial for beginners or advanced users. Well explained and even shows what to do when presented with mistakes.

  221. awesome!

    Great instructions to build a great foundation in building apps , glad you showed the basics!

  222. Helped a lot for starting

    Yes this was really funny and now I have my first GS game πŸ™‚

  223. Useful

    I’m a beginner and I find all of the things he said useful and essential.

  224. my first game

    let’s change the word

  225. video explanation

    hard to read but good narration

  226. Pretty cool!

    Totally makes sense and it doesn’t overwhelm you too much. It seems kinda easy, but I don’t think I’ll memorize it any time soon!

  227. Great

    Takes you through everything you need to know to get started in a clear and informative way.

  228. Nice one mate

    Super easy to learn.

  229. Liked It

    Nice and simple.Could be a little more organized and detailed.

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    This was a nice introduction into how Gamesalad works. Have done programming before so it was nice to see it still works in a similar function with no knowledge of coding required.

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