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Ocean Pack Crouton

This FREE crouton has a bunch of backgrounds, characters, environments, and items you can use to make your very own ocean-themed GameSalad game. Check em’ out!

Download the Ocean Artwork Crouton!

This crouton is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

July 30, 2015

7 responses on "Ocean Pack Crouton"

  1. This pack has way more then you would think it would

  2. This is a great pack for free!

  3. So if I make an app out of these I don’t have to change any of the images and still be able to sell on the app store as long as I give appropriate credit? If so, who would I give credit to? GameSalad or a specific dude, if specific dude, where do I find him?

  4. I make my best game ever with this

  5. could i use this material for our game?

  6. Great! Thanks so much for these free assets. Life savers, you guys are.

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