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Attributes 101


Learn the basics of Attributes inside of GameSalad Creator!

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  1. good Tutorial


    nice informative tutorial
    I wished you display the actions of each actor on the scene
    thank you

  2. Cool


    That was a good example for what those attributes do. Thx

  3. 2

    Too short, We need a real example of an attribute.

  4. good reveiw for attributes


    alright his explain was in focus

  5. 4

    Solid information. I wanted to recreate his work, step by step, and had to pause it quite a bit. The problem was with the video resolution more than the instruction. It was hard to read the text in the video. Had I been able to, I could have gone faster than he was speaking in some spots, or not needed to rewind the video to hear the name of an attribute, etc.

    Finally, for some reason on the Text attribute, even though I used quotation marks, I was unable to get any spaces in the text field to work in my expression. Not sure why that is the case.

  6. Nice way to get the basics, however the Picture for the video made me think i would learn more about how to use attributes when making a game. hope a video is coming up for that soon.

  7. Very in depth and easy to follow course. Thank you so very much.

  8. Nice! Simple explanation of how attributes are used.

  9. He does not explain the attributes well enough. I had no idea how to create the index attribute after he finished. I never figured out the Integer attribute because he skipped over explaining some parts of it. I had to watch and rewatch and rewatch every single part to try and figure out what he was doing.

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