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Build a Runner in 15 Minutes

All it takes is 15 minutes to build this endless runner.  Check it out!


All it takes is 15 minutes to build this endless runner.  Check it out!

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  1. really simple to understand,


    great job

  2. basic set up


    I loved how basic this was. I’ll be checking out the other tutorials to be learning more.

  3. Really useful.


    Great overview of the basics needed for this type of game.

  4. 5

    Fantastic, really good and simple explained:)

  5. Brilliant:)


    Thank you so much for this, its a fantastic guide on how to make a simple game that anyone new to Game Salad or game making software in general can understand.

  6. 15 minutes well spent


    Does a great job of walking you through building a basic but functional game. Very easy to understand.

  7. quick


    simple and straight to the point!

  8. Nice


    Nice starter Tutorial

  9. Short and easy


    Nice tutorial, thank you!

  10. build runner game like subway its so nice


    i like this turtial

  11. NICE!!!



  12. Amaing Explanitory Video


    Title says it all.

  13. Thanks!


    This was really simple and gave all the info on how to make a runner it helped me out a lot now i can show my friends i made somewhat of a videogame! thanks!

  14. good


    very simple and easy to start with

  15. Great tutorial


    I liked the tutorial, however it would be nice to have an asset pack without the finished game inside so I can create along side the video.

  16. Good tutorial


    Good and easy to understand tutorial. I was left to wonder how you make the point counter to stay with the player actor when he moves.

  17. Awesome


    Love the video however I would love to see the windows version but I was able to follow just fine. Just being picky 🙂

    But really great vid!!!!

  18. Excellent Tutorial


    This tutorial was so good for understanding the Basic of Jumping. Thank You 🙂

  19. pretty awsome


    This gave me a lot of ideas

  20. I wish I had a Mac


    It was slightly confusing, as I do not have a Mac, and there was no option for PC. After getting a little help on some of my learning curve, in all it was a great tutorial. Thank you.
    Also, are Macs preferred in the industry?

  21. Learned a lot in 15 minutes


    Great tutorial to get you up and running with an endless runner game.

  22. Great demo, just a little fast


    As long as you make use of the pause button, you won’t miss anything when you are creating your level side by side.

    Also note: the courseware that comes with this is already complete. I deleted the code to do it from scratch. Code is on the player actor & gold actor

  23. Great


    Easy to understand and great basic functions. Cheers!

  24. Endless runner


    Great lesson, just had some issues following the lesson because I am on Windows and he is doing the lesson on a Mac. Some pointers between the two would be helpful…or pointing out were the two version are different. Otherwise great lesson!

  25. Basic runner In it purest


    you will learn:
    how to create a player
    basic gravity, jump, death and reset.

    this is pretty much it but a very good base for people who like to play about 🙂

  26. Terrible and outdated


    This tutorial is useless without the assets. I downloaded them from this site and they did not download correctly and are completely useless. I tried every way to view them and I cannot so please fix.

  27. good easy course


    you should do the first maze tutorial to understand the basics before you do this. it would be great to review adding score and sounds to this but i love how easy and fast this tutorial is. its got me fired up to make it better and better!

  28. my 2nd game


    les’t change the world

  29. problem


    sorry, but the game isn’t endless or did I done something wrong?

  30. Great tutorial. Learn the basics for running game.

  31. Useful for those who don’t know how to make a scrolling game. But the download contains the finished project. If you wish to make the game yourself, don’t download the asset pack.

  32. Simple and Easy to follow. Good for beginners.

  33. Short and sweet, just like I like it.

  34. Not bad, I thought it was gonna be a walkthrough

  35. Very good video. Good pace. Thank you very much!

  36. Simple and well explained. Can’t go wrong with this.
    Only caveat is that a description of how to move to next level would be nice but i expect it’s just a matter of triggering a change scene by some means.

  37. Overall, great tutorial, and easy intro to GameSalad. This must have been written with an earlier version of gamesalad as some of the options and layouts are different on my version. I am also using PC version.

  38. This course is not helpful for all the people with windows, because he do things only possible with the mac version of gamesalad.

  39. Overall, very good, although the version that currently exists has an Asset Download link that gives you the game in an already complete state.

    A nice addition would be taking the student through adding the score for collecting gold. I managed to do this in mine, but unless I want the score to be in the middle of the screen most of the time, mine actually takes a tiny bit of time before you see it. (I made a Game Functions actor starting at the top of the screen – directly above the player – constrained its movement to the same linear X velocity as the player, and did a Display Text with an offset of about -280 in the X direction.)

  40. Awesome tutorial! The tutorial was very detailed and easy to follow. Thank you so very much.

  41. Great and simple tutorial. Love these, keep them coming please!!!

  42. Great, simple and easy to understand.

  43. good introduction to concepts

  44. Easy to understand, well explained.

  45. Great short course. Easy to understand.

  46. Nice intro to runner course. Thanks

  47. great! to the point and easy to understand!

  48. Very helpful. Thanks for this course. I now know key movement. Five stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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