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The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Gamesalad

The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Gamesalad will introduce the new Gamesalad user to its interface, behaviors and logic. Once you've [...]

The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Gamesalad will introduce the new Gamesalad user to its interface, behaviors and logic. Once you’ve watched this full series of videos you’ll be ready to start creating your own video games with Gamesalad.

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  1. Aweome, clear tutorial.

    Thank You, I already feel confident in making my own games, however, I’m gonna strive to learn more before I begin to create games. Thanks again.

  2. Awesome Basic Course!


    I enjoyed this course very much and I learned a lot of basic concepts quickly and implemented them easily into my games.

  3. Can't be better!


    The lessons were easy to learn, and the course is nicely structured.

  4. Easy to understand


    Its easy to make may first simple game after this course.

  5. This was on Mac - I have a PC :-(


    I did learn a lot during this course but where this course falls WAY SHORT is the fact that it is all done on a Mac. I have a PC. The PC interface is very different. Many of the commands mentioned in this course did not match what you would do on the PC.

    The only reason I was able to get through it was because I had already done a little in GameSalad and knew how to do the basic commands on a PC.

    An “Absolute Beginner” on a PC who had NEVER touched GameSalad before would be totally LOST and frustrated and not know what to do.

    Please create a course for the PC….

  6. Very Helpful.


    This is a great way to get to know most of the terminology and how they work! Thanks.

  7. Easy to understand


    Its easy to make may first simple game after this course

  8. Easy to understand ,,,


    Its easy to make may first simple game after this course ,,,

  9. Easy to understand ,,,


    Its easy

  10. not very good


    it did not tell me how to do any thing

  11. Absolute beginner indeed


    I actually kind of got bored in some of the parts because it’s is really what it’s said on the tin. For Absolute beginners. He explains everything which was why I had to skip some parts since I was already familiar with the concepts.

  12. Excellent


    Very good instructions on getting started for beginners.

  13. Great Resource


    This is an excellent tutorial for beginners.

  14. clear and edifying


    excellent tutorial! I just have a little question about the class 41 “reset game”: how is the game supposed to know to go to the “game over” scene if we delete the “end game” rule from the background?

  15. Real good introduction.


    Jamie’s course gave me a clear and pleasant overview of the GameSalad interface. Now I know better where to start and see the logic needed for putting my own game Issas into practice. (Watched second half of the course on my phone at the beach with my head unerneath a towel). Thanks Jamie!

  16. Great Introduction


    Has me excited to get started again. Also, I’ve got his book – looks awesome.

  17. great info


    really helping me get started in creating my game, thanks!

  18. Awesome Beginner Tutorial - Thanks



  19. This lesson is awesome! Very clear explanations in little chunks so it’s easy to digest. Thank you very much.

  20. Amazing course. A must for all beginners. Broken down into smaller parts for easy review. Many thanks!!

  21. It is the absolute beginner’s guide. Very basic. If you don’t know anything at all of GameSalad or programming in general this is the place to start for sure. Gives a great understanding of the foundation of things. If you know your way around a little already it will be extremely boring and hard to focus and follow along but if you do pay close attention you may pick up a few little things you didn’t already know. In my opinion anyone new to it all or only new to Game Salad should start here.

  22. Was a great way to start to learn the program, Highly recommended!

  23. Excellent course – very helpful, covered a lot of things and broken down into bite sized modules which were easy to take in. Really wish I’d seen this one first! Will be looking for others by the same instructor.

  24. Fantastic course, great, clear instructions. Only issue I ran into was that the “broken submarine” icon wasn’t in the Ocean Crouton.

  25. Really Good explanation!! Loved It!!

  26. Wonderful. It’s been 20 years since I had a single C++ course in college. This intro was exactly what I was looking for to dip back in using the GameSalad platform.

  27. Course was as described, very easy to follow, in short easy chunks of digestible information.

    Would love an Intermediate / Advanced course in the same format

  28. This course was extrememly helpful starting out not knowing anything at all about the software. Easy to follow, easy to understand.

  29. This course is incredible. I feel like I could make my own game and feel super motivated. Thank you!!

  30. Great tutorial and examples. It’s worth watching all this video courses cuz I get more insight on how to use GameSalad now. Thanks a lot for this guide! ***** 5 stars rated *****

  31. Very easy to follow, amazing teacher! thank you

  32. This was wonderful. I feel a lot more confident in prototyping game ideas in GameSalad. Hopefully I can build on this and turn prototypes into finished products.
    Constructive Feedback:
    – The UI in the course was Apple it would be nice if there was a Windows version.
    – Additionally the version is 4 years old. It would be nice if this was updated once a year.
    – Finally, the link in the final lesson know longer exists.

  33. This was a very good overview. The sections were of digestible length and the topics were appropriate for a beginner.

  34. Clear and easy! Thank you very much!

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