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UI Basics (Mac)

Want to learn how the Mac Creator UI works? Look no further!


Let’s learn the basics of Mac Creator’s UI!

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  1. Done very well


    This is for absolute beginners, he goes over basically everything (everything) in the Game Salad interface pretty quickly but at a nice pace. I came here after doing a couple “build a simple platforms” tutorials and all it did was review, so before you go to other videos this would be the very best for your first Game Salad academy video.

  2. Good intro to the UI!


    This is prefect for watching right after you do the first tutorial. There’s a few things in here that were not covered in it (because they were not needed), but will help you take on next steps.

  3. Great quick familiarisation video...


    This really won’t take up a lot of your time, but I’d thoroughly recommend watching any UI tutorial with any new piece of software. Right after the first tutorial is the perfect time to blast through it… 🙂

  4. it was great


    good overview of the interface.

  5. GameSalad Interface Understanding


    I am in my early 30’s with no past experience of what goes into making games and was always good at playing them. When i bumped into GameSalad, i realized that i have found my passion!! Very Easy and user friendly interface. Thank you for this and thumbs up for the good work.

  6. 5

    Watch this first and everything becomes basic.

  7. I liked the Course a lot, because he explained everything very briefly and very understandable.

  8. It was great, really helped me understand the basics of Gamesalad

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