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Your First Game (Windows)

Create your first game with Windows Creator in about an hour with this course.


This is a course for Windows Creator.
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  1. Great Intro To The Game Salad Software


    I enjoyed learning about the basics of the software with this tutorial. The instructions were very clear, and easy to follow along. Now I feel more confident looking at the other components in the behaviors menu to see how I can make something from scratch and hopefully have it published. It contains good advice, and shortcuts to change sounds and reset scenes. Usually I get bogged down trying to find assets for every little sound effect in games, which can take a whole day. Now my time searching will be greatly reduced with a shift of pitch! Thanks for put this this together.

  2. Perfect for a total amateur like myself.


    I know nothing about making computer games. This was perfect. I was amused when he kept saying how we wanted certain things to “fire first” and I was taken back to my days of playing Magic The Gathering when abilities would trigger or “fire first”. Good times.

    This course was exciting to go through. Thank you!

  3. Great "Starting of" tutorial.


    This was a very in depth tutorial, I liked how there were mistake and you showed us how to correct them.
    After this tutorial I feel I still have a ways to go in learning how to use this program, but I feel I have learned a lot in a small space of time.

    Thanks for the great tutorial, I hope to see more like it.

  4. Questoin


    Can I make strategy games like Clash Of Clans using GameSalad.

  5. Making Games Tutorial on GameSalad


    I had just made my first game in a few minutes. Thanks to this tutorial, I can now start to make my own 2D games using GameSalad. It was pretty helpful to me, and I would like to thank you guys for giving me this opportunity to see this tutorial. It was a great starter’s guide for me to use!

  6. Cool Introduction


    This was a nice introduction into how Gamesalad works. Have done programming before so it was nice to see it still works in a similar function with no knowledge of coding required.

    Follow carefully what he is doing because you might get lost at some points so going over each part is required to see the point.

    Cool video.

  7. Good bases


    While having previous experience with Gamesalad, this course helped me refresh my memories and skill withing the application. It’s a very good start for creating a simple game and learning attributes.

    This is not an advanced guide where people that seek explanation of all the attributes, no this is just a simple cover of the very basics of how to create your very own first game. And it is very well done.

  8. Really great course! Lawrence does very well in showing how to make your first basic game, while explaining the mechanics of how to use the game salad creator. For someone like me who has no experience with game creation or programming, but plenty with other creators (such as image manipulation/photoshop and various movie-making programs), I felt at home watching him go through the tutorial step by step. But even if I wasn’t already used to what a creator interface looks like, it’s laid out to be highly user-friendly, and he takes the time to explain things as you go without skipping the important details.

  9. For a beginner class this was clear and easy to follow along. A nice first impression for GameSald Academy.

  10. Very good and clear introductory course for beginner like me. Thanks

  11. This is great way to learn how to begin basic game building . You can play around learning and experimenting with all the features. And don’t be afraid to go back rewatch videos.

  12. very nice session i finally understood how to develop a 2d game

  13. I found his simplicity refreshing! I am looking forward to trying this out!


  15. Thanks! I learned the basics clearly and easily.

  16. I learned a lot of new things and I can say that I am very satisfied.

  17. Great introductory course. Thank you!

  18. That was a really beneficial course. I’ve never designed a game and never realised how many factors there are to consider when designing. Will definitely be doing some more online learning with GameSalad Academy soon.

  19. Wonderful start. Thank you for everything!

  20. the course was very helpful. it helped me understood a lot about creating a game. course is worth watching it.

  21. the course was very helpful. it helped me understood a lot about creating a game. course is worth watching it. nice course

  22. That was a great tutorial! very informative and this will definitely help me out when making my first game.

  23. Incredibly done. Thank you for your dedication & follow through.

  24. Definitely recommend everyone like me who has no experience with this at all to try this course. It worked for me!

  25. you the greatest teacher in the world ..keep going

  26. Pretty easy to understand, even with real world examples of not getting it just right on the first try.

  27. Awesome course! Really interesting, and good explenations etc. Also nice that there were made some small mistakes, so that you could see how easy that is, and how to fix them! Two thumbs up!

  28. Could do without his sniffing but if that’s the biggest complaint, not bad at all. Would definitely recommend.

  29. it was very good but a littel to slow and had mistakes but helpt

    ps i am german so grammer bad verrrrry

  30. You are the best.. I love you guys

  31. Awesome course. The course was very intriguing, informational, engaging, and easy to understand. The course taught a phenomenal amount of valuable information in a short time span, and the course was super fun to follow.

    Thank you so very much. Have a wonderful week.

  32. Very easy course and with a lot of newbies things to learn. It was very very worth it. Thank you!

  33. Great instructions. Easy to learn and to follow. Only issue I encountered was I detected a bug in the “reset scene” action. Other than that very helpful.

  34. great vid very informative although a little confusing when im making mistakes along with teacher.. lol great lessons. thank u

  35. Amazing! Really wish there was an explanation on how to reset the gem score though, but I guess that’s what doing things on your own time is for!

  36. lots of trying and errors but fun and simple

  37. Excellent way to introduce a beginner into game development.

  38. Needs to explain how to reset the timer when reseting a scene (lets say when you’re on level 2 if you collect a gem the timer wont reset unless you add a new rule) apart from the good entry tutorial for the software

  39. Nice. The whole course almost looks too easy and yet very powerful!

  40. 很棒的课程,能够让小白比较容易的进入到这个领域里。

  41. I like the course and it will let me make a game.

  42. i hope the tutorial teach how to render the game to be .apk file

  43. there is starting and ending point and my player try to reach the ending point.But there are some enemies and obstacles that try to not let that.

  44. A very good course,
    It helped me a lot to learn the basics of GameSalad.


  45. An excellent and straight forward introduction to the basic functions. Highly recommended for starting off.

  46. great loved it and was easy fallow along

  47. awesome first lesson. great teacher and very pleasant.

  48. very informative course… I need more=

  49. good instruction.
    now i’m making my own game
    thank you

  50. Great tutorial on understanding the basics. A must watch!

  51. Thank You for the knowledges,it is very useful:)

  52. I really liked your course, it was great 🙂

  53. Excellent. Nice to see a few gaffs here and there to remind you that testing and checking is paramount to good game design. Thank you.

  54. I have some problem in the (Image) and the (sound) and the (game function).

    I did everything right and I see the stage is OK but I press play the (Image) and the (sound) and the (game function) is disappears.

    I hope you will help me.

  55. very good course for beginners.

  56. Great course.

    If you are completely unfamiliar with GameSalad this course will have you up and running with some basic commands in about at an hour.

  57. Was a fun informative experience.

  58. I learned more about how to use GameSalad through this brief course, than one I paid for on Udemy.

  59. buen curso te lleva por como se maneja el engine y sus caracteristicas basicas con la pratica que da ves el potencial del prorama

  60. I love it because it is an easy and understandable course.

  61. Super helpful and taught me everything I need to know to be able to use this app!

  62. This course was really amazing.I

  63. this is fun and exciting. cant wait to get going

  64. That was so helpful! Got a little lost in the 4th lesson, especially when the narrator clicks something that is behind the YouTube text –> hard to see it. But overall, terrific!

  65. fantastic tutorials step by step guide that i can understand love it a big pat on the back to who ever made this game salad program well done now i can make my own games 5 stars to this video.

  66. The tutorials are very helpful! I do believe I have found gold: GameSalad!

  67. very helpful
    I learned a lot from this
    thank you

  68. Umm.. maybe provide examples, not just, ” Here watch a video”

  69. I love your videos. They were so detailed and helpful. Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone.

  70. Thank You for making this basic introduction tutorial! Although I won’t be able to recreate all of this without referring the video, at least for now I can understand what GameSalad meant with making games without coding skills. Also thanks again for taking your time to explain how all of the things work ***** 5 stars for the lesson ofc *****

  71. superb, and I learned 100%
    Thank you Gamesalad

  72. Explains exactly what is needed for a basic game with the program. It’s good there were some mistakes made so that people could be aware of how they can be corrected.

  73. Nice introduction to the platform, thanks

  74. Great introduction with easy to follow tutorial showing basics that easily create a game!

  75. simple, straight forward, and allows for playing around after following it all through.

  76. This is interesting. it is easy and simple to comprehend.

  77. Amazing course for beginners will recommend

  78. This was really nice and helpful….Thanks!

  79. Great starter course! Gets you a basic understanding of all the steps involved to create a game.

  80. Very good course. You will pass through basic mechanics and everything required to start learning GS.

  81. Brilliant, as a layman in terms of game design this really gave me a slow and detailed input into how I can start creating viable games.

  82. An amazing overview that makes you understand how a videogame is working from the perspective of the commands, actions and logic.

  83. Intro course is too fast and cannot read the symbols in the video

  84. perfect tutorial. Author teaching very well

  85. An amazing course that everybody who wants to learn how to make games should take.

  86. It was really great course! well explained! Thank you!

  87. Definitely a great way to make my first game. The pacing was great and the lessons were easy to follow. I only have one issue. When the character dies after collecting the gems before reaching the portal, the gem count does not reset. However, I believe this can act as a “do it yourself” portion in order to polish the game.

  88. It look fun to make a game course I can’t want to make it

  89. Very helpful beginners guide to understanding how the system works, this knowledge is easily applied to creating your first game and understanding it, awesome!

  90. Awesome training for basic game understanding, worth it!

  91. Excellent, Thank You for wonderful course

  92. Very helpful, easy to understand and follow.

  93. Cool course! Edit out the mistakes though. I don’t want to watch him code something incorrectly. I’m going to do enough of that on my own.

    Also, bookmarks would be SUPER helpful so I can go back I inevitably can’t remember the exact name of an attribute or action. Thanks!

  94. its good tutorial easy to use without programming.

  95. really easy to follow instructions and simple game making for beginners

  96. It was a good course generally but it should have covered more material. Also the instruction graphics should have been larger.

  97. Its the best app to get started with programation

  98. I found this extremely helpful. Especially because I am a beginner. Easy for children to understand.

  99. Very good and descriptive first look at using this tool!

  100. That was one of the easiest and most useful tutorial i’ve ever seen.

  101. I’m 65 years old, and my use of computers is very limited: office programs, mail, basic internet, no more. I have no knowledge of coding, none at all! I was doubtful about my chances of succeeding in this course, but I decided to try!
    a miracle happened!
    today my 3 granddaughters played this game again and again, not because it was so sophisticated like other games that they are used too, only because their grandmother “programmed” it.
    This course is cleverly built, and Lawrence is an excellent teacher!!!
    If an old grandmother like me could succeed, anyone can!!!
    Thank you, Lawrence!

  102. Great job talking through the steps for a beginner like me. I thoroughly enjoyed learning. Pretty neat to have a product at the end to proclaim, ” I did that!” The style of gaming is nostalgic and fulfilling, and I look forward to learning more and making some great games.

  103. Very clear and precise instructions. Very much warming to this service very quickly and this tutorial helps facilitate that feeling.

  104. A neat and manageable introduction to basic game programming. Nothing too complicated. And not too much taught in each video. Other game tutorials often try to teach too much, so the learner forgets more than they can learn. This was nice and steady: good pace, but with time to stop and reflect. Also, the tutor faced glitches along the way, so it was healthy to see how to overcome them by thinking through what else needs to be done. Overall, a well thought out guide to getting started. 5 out of 5 🙂

  105. Very fun and surprisingly easy. Went a little fast in some places for me, but that’s what pause and rewind are for.

  106. Very helpful. I learnt a lot from this.

  107. it’s a good course for someone who is starting in the game dev world. 5/5 stars

  108. i was able to be properly walkthough most of the issues and have gain the skills to make a small 2D game possible.
    thanks to this course i now understand the tools before me

  109. Didn’t work, mandatory youtube video tutorials were unavailable.

  110. i am not geeting any videos it is aying video is un avilable

  111. Not working properly for me. Cant see the videos. Im stuck on this program.

  112. The videos are unavailable. I was able to download the zipped file with the assets and that was it.

  113. These videos are unavailable. Please advise

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