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Croutons are bitesize asset packs that you can use in your very own GameSalad projects.  They're great to get you started.  Have fun with them!

All Croutons

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  • Pinball Crouton

    December 09,2015 / Croutons / 10 Comments

    This FREE crouton contains a variety of pinball elements to use in your games.  You will need to...

  • UI Elements Crouton

    August 25,2015 / Croutons / 5 Comments

    This FREE crouton contains a variety of user interface elements to use in your games. This...

  • Basic Items Crouton

    July 30,2015 / Croutons / 10 Comments

    This FREE crouton has coins, gems, chests, and more. Very useful for putting simple items in your...

  • Ocean Pack Crouton

    July 30,2015 / Croutons / 19 Comments

    This FREE crouton has a bunch of backgrounds, characters, environments, and items you can use to...

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