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Ocean Pack Crouton

This FREE crouton has a bunch of backgrounds, characters, environments, and items you can use to make your very own ocean-themed GameSalad game. Check em’ out!

Download the Ocean Artwork Crouton!

This crouton is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

July 31, 2015

19 responses on "Ocean Pack Crouton"

  1. This pack has way more then you would think it would

  2. This is a great pack for free!

  3. So if I make an app out of these I don’t have to change any of the images and still be able to sell on the app store as long as I give appropriate credit? If so, who would I give credit to? GameSalad or a specific dude, if specific dude, where do I find him?

  4. I make my best game ever with this

  5. could i use this material for our game?

  6. Great! Thanks so much for these free assets. Life savers, you guys are.

  7. Thank you … awesome freebies.

  8. tnx to gamesalad for this free assets… for as I want to have my own designs for my game this assets would give any newbies a headstart.

  9. the description for croutons are ” bitesize ” but these are huge which makes them much better than expected!!!

  10. Where is the credit added in the game?

  11. how the heck do you use these???

  12. how do i add assets to gamesalad?

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